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Mainstream music fails again

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 8/7/2012

It’s official. I must be an old fart because I am increasingly mortified by the mainstream music ‘kids these days’ listen to. I don’t think I’m prudish, but I can’t help but be grossed out by that Rihanna/Chris Brown song “Cake.” We all remember the bruised Rihanna pictures that surfaced in 2009 after Chris Brown assaulted her while she begged for mercy. I just can’t understand why she would invite him back into her life to make an oral sex song.

Sadly, some in the media do not question her actions and simply view her racy duet as an opportunity to spice up her career with controversy.Rihanna’s methods of attracting attention are worrisome. Banned in several nations, Rihanna boasts that censorship drove interest in her music and helped her achieve success with her sadomasochist jam “S&M.”

“I think that the ban worked out because I don’t think people would have been that curious if there wasn’t some controversy involved or connected to it,” Rihanna told Extra during Allstar weekend. “S&M is my favorite video that I ever ever done and I can’t wait to keep making more incredible videos…S&M is going to be a hard one to beat.”

Rihanna is a repeat offender. Besides “Cake” and “S&M”, Rihanna’s music has raised a few eyebrows. The video for Rihanna and Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie”  also glorifies domestic abuse. After Eminem raps about setting a house on fire, Rihanna replies that she “likes the way it hurts.”

Not many people sound concerned for her safety, her psychological well-being, or the messages projected onto young people. I wonder if Rihanna has any decent friends or family. Does anyone tell her that she might be sending a bad message to young people? Or does she simply not care? Is she satanic? Does she really thrive off of sexual violence?

Rihanna, you sound like you could use a better support system and management team. Clearly, you need to surround yourself with people who want you   to be healthy, happy, and a creator of great music. I have some advice for you. Please purge all the psychopathic people from your life and choose to associate with those who are positive, creative, and productive.

Rihanna, this will cheer you up!


2 thoughts on “Mainstream music fails again”

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  1. Derek says:

    This is a great article! Screw MSM!! and MSMedia!!!

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Gracias! Glad you enjoyed it.

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