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Will America make the right choice?

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 7/26/2012

In our current debt and death paradigm, endless money creation is political panacea to all our nation’s problems. Economists like Paul Krugman, whose views are increasingly dominating the economics curriculum for our public school students, seem to think that there are no consequences to a limitless money supply. Unfortunately for Mr. Krugman, many are aware of the consequences of Weimar Germany’s decision to hyper-inflate their currency to repay massive government debts.

However, history has a tendency to repeat itself and it seems as if America faces a similar choice. Should we continue to finance a bloated government or stop the QE madness and encourage self-reliance? At the end of the day, inflationary policies steal from the productive members of society and transfers wealth to the uber-rich and politically connected class.

Here is a great video from one of my favorite youtube channels breaking down the ways inflation is calculated so that most of us continue to live in ignorance while our hard-earned wealth is stolen.

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