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What to do if you want peace on earth

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 8/31/2012

Nothing would make me happier than to see humanity set free. However, liberty is unlikely to reign with our current 1984 style government trampling on our rights everyday.

I recently read an article discussing five ways individuals can begin to divorce themselves of the  status quo. My favorite item on the list was the idea of “reinventing oldspeak.”

As a government teacher, I always encourage my students to read between the lines. I try to create engaging activities that help students identify words politicians use to convince the masses of their goodness. I tell the kids that despite the beauty in the concepts of  freedom and liberty, these words are usually abused by our overlords; rarely do they use these words to liberate us from repression. Rather, by misusing these words they encourage the further enslavement of humanity veiled in pretty language.

This week, I found a very timely article written by Ron Paul concerning language abuse. It’s almost as if he was sitting in my class as I had just finished lecturing about this topic with my students. Ron Paul says it best:

“Without precise meanings behind words, politicians and elites can obscure reality and condition people to reflexively associate certain words with positive or negative perceptions. In other words, unpleasant facts can be hidden behind purposely meaningless language. As just one example, Americans have been conditioned to accept the word “democracy” as a synonym for freedom. Thus we are conditioned to believe that democracy is always and everywhere benevolent.

The problem is that democracy is not freedom. Democracy is simply majoritarianism, which is inherently incompatible with freedom. While our Constitution certainly features certain democratic mechanisms, it also features inherently undemocratic mechanisms like the First Amendment and the Electoral College. American is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Yet we’ve been bombarded with the meaningless word “democracy” for so long that few Americans understand the difference.

If we intend to use the word freedom in an honest way, we should have the simple integrity to give it real meaning: Freedom is living without government coercion. So when a politician talks about freedom or liberty – regardless of the issue being discussed – ask yourself whether he is advocating more government force or less.” -Meaningless Words in Politics by Ron Paul 

Besides reinventing oldspeak and using language correctly, I also think that freedom lovers looking to escape the status quo should invest in physical metals like gold, silver, and copper. Every ounce of physical silver bought deleverages the TBTF banks.



One thought on “What to do if you want peace on earth”

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  1. Alex says:

    “It made sense…here, decisions are made quitley, and can be made out of the sight of the masses”“They didn’t even have time to develop a middle class for this new society to crush.” Brilliant, as usual!

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