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Are you Fast and Furious yet?

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 9/9/2012

I drew this cartoon during the summer at an AP Summer Institute after learning that the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, might be held in contempt of Congress for his participation in the Fast and Furious debacle. During my AP Government professional development, I decided to write a little rap song about the case to help students understand the conflict between executive privilege and congressional oversight. Since most kids enter their high school government class with little background knowledge, I hoped this cartoon and explanation might be a good way to introduce this confusing terminology in context of the Fast and Furious gun running scheme.

This week, we learned that Mexican authorities have charged a person of interest¬† in the death of US Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry. Terry was shot in 2010 by Mexican drug cartel members using weapons given to them by US government agents. Our attorney general was apparently aware that weapons were given to these violent thugs. Obama tried to protect Holder’s e mails by invoking executive privilege leading many to believe that those e mails proved our attorney general did in fact know this scam was occurring. Now, our impotent congress is trying to punish Holder with their contempt charges. I wonder if this case will brought up during the presidential debates.

This Fast and Furious case proves to be disturbing on so many levels- where does a person begin?? Let’s start with the fact that our government’s stance on the War on Drugs is dangerously hypocritical. We cannot be using our military to protect poppy fields in Afghanistan while punishing non-violent heroine users in the United States. Our government cannot outlaw certain non-pharmaceutical drugs in the United States while providing weapons to drug cartels in Mexico. The only winners here seem to be violent cartels, big-pharma, and the military-industrial complex. Non-violent American taxpayers are certainly on the losing end of this deal.

Furthermore, I am confused by powerful liberals in office. Liberals tend to favor peace and non-violence to the point of begging for gun-control. However, how is it that our liberal president and his henchmen would actively support a program that provides assault weapons to gang members in Mexico who have been know to mercilessly murder innocent civilians?¬† This doesn’t make sense to me, but I have heard Congressman Darrell Issa mention in interviews that this program was intended to scare Americans to the point of surrendering their guns in exchange for protection from the benevolent powers-that-be.

Like every government program, they will likely get the opposite results than that which they intended. In fact, gun sales are booming in the United States precisely because of fear of government, fear of looters, and the desire for good old-fashioned self-defense. I am hoping that Americans will never abandon their right to defend themselves.

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