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Awakening to the true value of silver

By Brittany Yurkovitch on February 3, 2013

Silver truth soul armor dress for sale!

Happy Bread and Circus weekend, I mean Superbowl weekend.

These are exciting times to teach government and economics. This semester, I am teaching a combination of economics, AP Macroeconomics, and US History- so I am busy, to say the least. The US History course was added to my plate this semester and so I am struggling to find the time to post. Economics is a wild course. So many kids devote little energy to studying economics until they enter my class. It is truly amazing to watch kids become enlightened to the inner workings of the Federal Reserve and understand the history of paper money.  Henry Ford was certainly accurate in pointing out how the common reacts to the nature of our banking system:

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. -Henry Ford

As my students learn of the value of silver, they begin to tell me tales of how difficult it is to talk to their parents or other adults living in denial as to how much debt the US has dangerously accumulated and how it will impact the value of their parent’s paychecks. While I do not wish that communication hardship upon anyone, especially my beloved students, I am glad that a few more people are thinking about hard currency. Also, it’s good for kids to see what denial looks like firsthand. My student’s are very excited for the incentives I offer for submission of excellent quality work (and believe me, it has to be above and beyond). I have been rewarded students with these silver dime cards and are totally obsessed with winning one.  Click the picture to buy your own silver dime cards!

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the masses are waking up to the deliberate destruction of the dollar as this past January has been epic for the silver and precious metals market. I am seeing more and more stories of silver shortages, record breaking silver coin sales, and tales of countries demanding their gold back from the Federal Reserve. I am seriously loving this right now. BTW, I learned there are about 7 pounds of silver in the Super Bowl trophy.

These stories are making clear that days of the US dollar dominance are numbered. While it will be certainly entertaining to watch the powers that be scramble and fall during a dollar collapse. However, a currency crisis will likely bring chaos and violent anger to all those who woke up too late. So wake up people and store your hard earned work in a form that cannot be inflated or destroyed by monetary policy! Here is a quick video to give you some silver buying inspiration.



One thought on “Awakening to the true value of silver”

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  1. Angiie says:

    The only problem with his anlsiays is that he is wrong about the president being mandated to forcibly detain Americans suspected of being or aiding terrorists. The law was changed in the Senate to allow the president to use his discretion.Obviously, it’s still an insane law, but I think its important to make sure we’re accurate because there are a lot of publications out there that want to confuse the issue. For example see Mother Jones article titled 5 Things to Know About Detention in the Defense Bill if your looking for an example where the author clearly didn’t do their homework.I mean, all you need to do is read the law. Its very clear. It doesn’t MANDATE the president hold people, it reaffirms they have the option. The ACLU agrees with this anlsiays.

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