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Don’t Worry, Be Hempy

By Brittany Yurkovitch on April 7, 2013

It’s official. Over 50% of Americans are ready for marijuana prohibition to end. This is fabulous news and freedom lovers alike should celebrate.

Alcohol prohibition ended when it became to expensive and unpopular to enforce during the Great Depression. Our drug laws will probably experience the same fate as the veneer of our Great Recovery collapses like our currency.

As public opinion changes in favor of decriminalization, marijuana and its useful hemp stalk have the potential to vastly improve the economic landscape of our country. The legalization movement is specifically related to unemployment, healthcare, gang/government violence, border control, and restoring Constitutional protections.

America could experience an economic boom if marijuana were to be legalized. We have armies of unemployed people who could easily become involved in the production of the hemp plant. With little environmental impact, the plant can be used to create, oil, fuel, food, rope, clothing, and medicine. Given the rising costs of healthcare and other commodities, putting our nation to work harvesting marijuana should be priority number one for an administration dealing with an economic crisis. With Obama’s affinity for the herb and executive orders,¬† one would think with these new polling numbers Obama would quickly make an announcement ending marijuana decriminalization once and for all.

But there will be politicking. Some will complain that the cops and bureaucrats will lose their jobs! However, I do not see this as problematic. They can easily transfer their skills to protecting law abiding dispensaries and consumers. Gotta love the creative destruction of free market capitalism.

Lately, Republicans and Democrats have been arguing about immigration and border control. Usually these arguments end poorly with little resolution and with some finger pointing at Mexican immigrants often conflating those who wish to escape the gang violence of Mexico with those in the macabre drug cartels causing much of the danger. Once again, marijuana legalization saves the day. We should be empowering law abiding business owners while stripping away the drug monopolies profiting insane criminals and corrupt governments. Given that our own government has been caught supplying these cartels with weapons, it seems we would be doing much to support integrity within our our own political system by celebrating the freedom to ingest or use whatever substance the individual deems necessary for himself.

Sadly, as many freedom lovers will acknowledge, our Constitution has been shredded  by a long line of unconstitutional laws and executive orders following globalist scheming and false flag attacks. By ending drug prohibition (all drugs, not just marijuana) we can do much to restore our 4th amendment protections. Speaking of the 4th amendment, the Supreme court recently ruled to limit how drug sniffing dogs are used. Given the successful legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington, the wave of the future is becoming very clear: legalize today or get out of the way.

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Hemp harvest on a 1914 Federal Reserve Note

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