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The Fed blows….bubbles

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 5/18/2013

Contents of AP gift bag

Yes, I gave my students bubbles and wrote the following on the container: “The Fed blows bubbles”,”C + I+G+Xn = GDP” and underlined the “Made in China” letting kids know this purchase added to the trade deficit)

For high achieving high school students across the nation, this has been an important two weeks of Advanced Placement (AP) testing. This past week, my seniors took the AP US Government and Politics and AP Macroeconomics (AKA Keynesian apologist) exams and I hope they score high enough to knock off some of their college tuition expenses. Given the high stakes nature of the test, I wanted to provide students with a bit of comfort and advice as they advance forward. The picture above shows the random goodies I gave to the kids (also a Chik-fil-A breakfast on Tuesday as well!). Enclosed in the gift bag was the following letter of advice I hope my students will employ as they leave the public high school prison.

Dear AP US Government and Politics/AP Macroeconomics student,


Wow, we are finally here on the day of the AP exam- what a year this has been! I have enjoyed teaching my AP students tremendously and I am excited to see the fruits of our labor being realized today. You are very lucky to be students of government and the economy this school year of 2012-2013. We experienced the reelection of Obama, lived through the end of the Mayan calendar and witnessed constitutional tragedy after tragedy following significant acts of violence. Sometimes the world seems doom and gloom but I know our planet is a brighter place with students like you inhabiting this earth. As you move forward with your young adult lives, I leave you with the following advice as it relates to the contents of your AP gift bag:

Eraser: Get rid of toxic thoughts, people, and economic transactions from your life. We spend so much time in our inner minds criticizing and insulting ourselves. Improve your self- talk by thinking more positively. Get rid of the people in your life who waste your time, money and violate your trust. Life is too short wasting it on those who seek to drain us of our precious resources. Also, if you do not like the way a particular company does business, stop supporting that business. Don’t like the way chickens are treated? Then, raise your own or seek a humane alternative. Be the change you wish to see.

Pencil: Keep good notes, records, and documentation. Yes, we live in a quasi-Big Brother surveillance state but that does not mean you should abandon keeping tabs on your own dealings (or reject the idea of installing a dash-board camera in your car, hehe). If you wish to start a business and/or want to significantly reduce stress in your life, then find an organizational strategy that works for you and your stuff.

Pencil sharpener: Keep your mind, body, spirit, and skills sharp. Don’t pollute your bodies and minds with junk. Take care of your bodies with nourishing food and enjoyable exercise. Find other ways besides television to cope with boredom; learn a valuable skill like cooking or sewing, read a book or learn a language.

Man paper clip: Some of us are barely hanging on to what we’ve got whether it’s our grades, our jobs, our health, or our personal relationships with friends, family and lovers, so be kind. It’s easy to get caught up in own personal pain and selfish negative feelings but give others the benefit of the doubt. We may need that kindness extended upon us someday.

US History Bookmark: History is much more than memorizing a set of dates and names; it is mostly about questioning those who claim to know the truth about the past and the present. History is always written by a passionate soul who may or may not be portraying events honestly. Do your own research before accepting someone else’s thoughts as your own.

Micro-fiat money sticker: Stick it to the Federal Reserve for shrinking the value of our money via quantitative easing and other money printing schemes. As you know, I am very biased against the Fed and I hope you have learned to not only question this economic institution, but to question your teacher and have done your own research on these topics.

Plastic coins- Save money for an emergency, you never know when you may need it. With today’s outrageous costs for just about everything, it is incredibly foolish for people not to save money for unexpected issues like car repairs, medical bills, or losing a job. Having some money saved will help you eliminate stress from your life. Many people lay awake at night worrying about paying bills and losing their job. If you give yourself some financial cushion from economic shocks, you will be able to sleep better.

Bubbles: The Federal Reserve’s money printing schemes create bubbles that eventually pop, so be careful with your money. Find hidden value; don’t invest your money in a business or sector of the economy if the only reason is because ‘everyone is doing it.’ Invest your money before everyone else notices the value, that’s the key to striking it rich.

Cat figurine: I absolutely hate the phrase, curiosity killed the cat. Human curiosity drives our species to accomplish amazing feats and achieve challenging goals. Be curious and seek out knowledge. Learning is an active process; never expect that a teacher can simply pour knowledge into our skulls and never think that you are too old to learn something new. Discover the ways you learn best to achieve your learning goals.

Butterfly figurine: Let your mind flutter in the field of new ideas. Never let yourself think you have learned all that there is to know and be ready and willing to explore.

Once again, I have loved getting to know each and every one of you this year. I hope you have enjoyed your 3rd period class. I will always cherish the happy memories of teaching government and economics to Berkner STEM students.


Love always,

Brittany Yurkovitch


Anyways, I really hope they take the advice and can critically think for themselves a little bit better than they could at the beginning of the course.


Here is another pic of the gift bags and one of my kids photobombing the shot.

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