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A Match Made in Halliburton

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 7/26/2013

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What a crazy summer this has been in the news and in my own personal life. My husband and I bought an awesome county house and has it been a lot of work! With moving and remodeling, I have had so little time to write but I got to get back into the habit. This summer has been a news explosion; we have seen scandal after scandal and one media propaganda disaster after another. I was considering writing about the Trayvon mess, but I think we have all heard enough on this case. It’s just a big distraction from the build-up to WW3 anyways, so it is probably better that I not waste my own time focusing on such a divisive issue. However, I read this interesting gem about Halliburton and BP and while this story is news, it is certainly no surprise.

So apparently, Halliburton must pay a $200,000 fine and pay $55 million to support fish and wildlife in the area due to their complicity in the BP oil disaster (which I believe may be a false flag due to the suspicious timing and other insider trading details). Supposedly, BP did not listen to Halliburton’s advice about cementing some of the pipes at the bottom of the Gulf.

Seems like Halliburton and the rest of the Corporatocracy are getting pretty clever with this Hegelian Dialectic.

But really, should we be surprised from a company like Halliburton?  Many of us are aware that Dick Cheney’s Halliburton profited greatly from the War of US Aggression in Iraq. Although Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, the US certainly caused enough mass destruction to award Halliburton with the no-bid contract to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure.  So should it come as any surprise that this company might be complicit in a destructive activity that will surely require Halliburton’s resources or influence at some point to repair?

The timing of this story is very interesting given details that Halliburton was trying to erase the evidence tying it to the BP oil spill. Where’s the NSA spy machine when you need it? Seriously, I wish the government would use its massive spying apparatus to observe the activities of these horrible corporate actors, but then that means we would not be living in a fascist country.

Anyways, back to the epic remodeling that is my summer vacation.



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