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UPDATE: Sheeple on Vaccines: A Facebook Moment

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 8/2/2013

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Ugh, I just noticed that we have breached into August which means school will be starting soon. Now is about the time that I need to devote some serious mental energy into thinking about the school year and what I need to add or change to ensure a smooth start.  However, instead of tweaking my syllabus or looking over lists of vocabulary, I decided to waste my time on the the CIA’s domestic spying tool, Facebook. Although I used to obsess over my facebook likes and comments,  I try to avoid it unless I need some serious procrastination time. Fortunately, facebook opened up an opportunity to engage an acquaintance and her friends on the other side of the vaccine argument.

Recently, a facebook friend posted the following status which popped up  in my news feed: “Fellow mothers, anyone in the medical field or anybody who cares: how do you feel about the amount of vaccines your baby or child receives? With all of the controversy linked to autism and other disorders said to be caused by vaccinations, I can’t help but second guess having our son get all of his necessary shots in a few weeks. Does the good really outweigh the bad? Thoughts and comments are much appreciated!”

A few ladies commented with things like: “There is no medical evidence there is any link to autism. It is actually more imperative than ever to get your children vaccinated because so many children are not getting vaccinated there have been outbreaks of these diseases we have the vaccines for….” or “5 shots is a lot and there will be other times later on down the road that he gets quite a few but its not every time and its hard watching your tiny one be in pain and babies require extra care and attention after their shots to watch for reactions but all in all I believe that the immunizations are worth the risk and offer so much protection against serious and life threatening illnesses.”

Most of these pro-vaccine comments had a few likes and I couldn’t let the other side of the argument go unheard.  Here is my reply back:

Hey, I see that a lot of pro-vaccine people commenting so I am going to offer the other side. There is a lot of support (propaganda) for vaccination- just google “anti-vaccine parent” and you will see all kinds of negative stories about parents who wish to opt out. Don’t be fooled because there is a lot going on in this debate. Some are even suggesting that a CPS employee coach parents who are on the fence with vaccination or making parents pay higher premiums if they choose to opt out.  That’s some powerful coercion. This coercion, alone, should make parents very wary about the control being exerted over their health care.

Honestly, I wish I hadn’t had so many vaccinations- I had Gardasil in college and it was stupid to get. I got a fever and had the shakes; I felt like shit for two days afterwards. Stupid me. I would not have gotten it had I known what I know now.  Gardasil is  linked to infertility and Japan has stopped encouraging their citizens to get the Gardasil vaccine.

Also, the number of vaccines kids need today is wayyyyyyyy more than they used to need. I definitely think one has to be very careful about this issue. Just about every doctor will scoff at your desire to refuse or wait to vaccinate. I think there is a ton of pro-vaccine propaganda intended to scare parents to injecting their kid with Thimerosal, a mercury compound that is deadly even in small doses.  Here is an article about how these vaccines are made.

Here is an article I read this morning about how one patient was treated after he questioned his doctor on the vaccine issue. I ask questions like this when I go to the doctor as I try not to expose myself to unnecessary treatments, x rays, etc and I am always treated like an idiot. I always thought intelligent doctors would welcome thoughtful questions but they often do not like their authority to be questioned.

There are some things that do not make sense to me about the vaccine controversy. Why would doctors turn you down in fear that your unvaccinated child will harm others? If everyone is vaccinated, wouldn’t it be safe to be around someone who is not? Why are vaccines a one-size-jab-fits- all when even things as benign as Tylenol has a doing recommendation for different age  groups? Also, isn’t exposure to someone with the disease a natural form of vaccination? And if vaccines are overwhelmingly proven to be safe, why does the government have a division devoted to compensating those who are injured by vaccines?

This vaccine compensation site proudly boasts that over 2.5 billion have been given to those who have experienced vaccine injury. Interesting that this government program was set up so that Big Pharma no longer has to be responsible for shelling out the big bucks when one of their products harms someone.  Another taxpayer bailout an institution harming society. And it always seems that when a company does  not have to face the consequences of their actions, the problem only worsens since there is no incentive to repair the problem. Go on and find out who sits on the HHS Committee and look at their campaign donations. It begins to make sense why those who refuse to vaccinate get demonized- you are taking the money out of Big Pharma’s coffers.

Here is a page devoted to correcting people who question vaccines. However, it even admits that vaccines are not 100% effective against an outbreak. If these vaccines cannot prevent the disease it intends to prevent, what the heck is the point of risking your or your child’s health to vaccinate when it may not prevent a disease you are unlikely to get in the first place.  Here is an article from the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine that discusses a case in which a mumps outbreak occurred in an Orthodox Jewish community despite that 99.5% of the community was vaccinated against it.

Furthermore, when you look at the introduction of some of the earlier vaccines, like smallpox, you will see that the vaccine movement coincided with the sanitation movement. Vaccines got all the credit for saving the day when it appears that cleanliness played a major role.

I’m not saying all vaccines are bad but there is just sooo much propaganda to get through in order to make sense of everything. I really recommend you do your own research. I would be more than happy to find you some really good websites. Remember, unless you have a holistic pediatrician, you will not be looked at kindly when you discuss these things even though there is a real scientific debate on this topic.

Glad you asking questions. I’m sure you will get plenty of comments from people saying not to listen to this. Remember, there are lots of groups of people, like the Amish and others, who thrive and live healthy, robust lives without all the medical interventions.

PS. The lawyers LOVE the vaccine injuries. Here is a firm completely dedicated to serving those who experience vaccine injuries:

Yes, not exactly a short post but I wanted to provide lots of evidence. I recently posted this and have not received any replies yet. I will update if I get anything good.  What do you think about vaccines? Did I leave anything out? Are my anti- vaccine views dangerous o? Please leave me your thoughts.

UPDATE: After my long reply, only a few  people replied back. One young lady did reply with something like ‘oh that has been disproven’. She removed her facebook post so I am unsure of the exact phrasing, but she did provide me with two CNN articles, one claiming  the study  proving a link between vaccines and autism was fraudulent and one claiming the study has been debunked again. She did provide me with a scholarly article focusing on how to use science to change negative vaccine opinions.

Another person  replied that vaccines are not necessarily effective and just get the bare minimum necessary for daycare. She also acknowledged that pharmaceutical companies are only about the “$$$”.

The young lady who posed the original facebook post apologized for not wanting the conversation to “turn into a debate.”

My final facebook reply:

This thread is very interesting and I always enjoy a spirited debate with people of all kinds of beliefs. I think we can all agree that you have to do your own research because there is so much propaganda out there. I read the article Brit posted about broken trust in the PLOS journal. Wile interesting, I am concerned with the way they describe anti-vaccine people as believing in things without evidence. It seems that the conclusion differs depending on who conducts research. And if one of the government’s alphabet soup agencies (CDC, HHS) deems it safe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is (remember vioxx?) Anyways, I found a great article about the history of vaccines and the sanitation movement. There is a really nice graph that helps display some data. I am totally going to talk about this Facebook thread to my students when school starts.




4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sheeple on Vaccines: A Facebook Moment”

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  1. McKenna M. says:

    So, I never really looked too deep into this but it is really interesting seeing the different viewpoints and scientific research into the vaccination debate. Also, just on the fact that this was a Facebook debate as well, I think that Facebook can be a good tool for discovering people’s opinions and seeing things from everyone’s point of view. There are a lot of aspects that you might not consider yet others will point out right away. Gotta love Socratic seminars!

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Yes! I do love Socratic seminars for discussing these things. I am excited for Friday’s discussion.

      And about the vaccine issue- I am often irritated at the vaccine debate because many don’t even know the topic is debatable. They treat it at absolute truth and immediately discount any argument opposing their belief system.

  2. suessi says:

    I’m scared now! While I was reading this my dad told me that my sisters and I are going to get our flu shots because it’s free. But just cus it’s free doesn’t mean it’s all good! He’s not letting me opt out!

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Yeah, I am not a fan of flu shots or any vaccination for that matter. But some say that makes me dangerous,lol.

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