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Why did the Republican Governors Association give $58,000 to “Illuminati Research”?

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 8/8/2013

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I am trying to get back into the swing of the upcoming school year. Increasingly, my time is shifting from house remodeling projects to preparing to teach AP Government and Politics and AP Macroeocnomics. So I find myself  looking at old material, revamping projects, looking at calendars- typical teacher stuff.  I needed to fix my Interest Groups unit, specifically, an iron triangle activity that utilizes the website I like to get students to search for the financial links between congressional committees and interest groups so they can see how these institutions work together to serve their own interests instead of that of the people.

Illuminati logo? Or crazy Mrs. Y?

So as I go to Open Secrets, I was immediately smacked in the face with the blatant all-seeing-eye with pentagram eye twinkle logo. I haven’t been on the site in eight months and I guess seeing the symbol made my wheels turn about the website itself as an Illuminati tool. My curiosity led me to google and I searched for “ illuminati” just to see if any interesting person has noticed the logo and written about it or made a video. Except for the first link, my search didn’t come up with anything I found too interesting.

However, the first search hit led me to the Republican Governors Association’s (RGA) Expenditure Page for the 2012 election cycle. At the bottom of the page, Open Secrets lists the top recipients of RGA’s funds. The name of the tenth in line really stood out to me: Illuminati Research. Whatever Illuminati Research is, it received $58,000 from RGA.

A quick search for RGA led me to an interesting article explaining RGA’s use of campaign finance loopholes to give money directly to those running for office:

“The RGA Right Direction PAC is a Washington, D.C.-based super PAC, registered with federal regulators to make independent expenditures supporting or opposing candidates. So what is it doing giving $1 million directly to the Republican running for governor of Indiana?

The donation to Mike Pence, the largest to his campaign, appears to be a way around state laws limiting corporate contributions to candidates.

“In one way, it’s legal,” said Andrew Downs of the Center for Indiana Politics, at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. “But if you say this is a way to give in excess of corporate limits, that’s also absolutely true.”

Right Direction is funded entirely by the Republican Governors Association, a so-called “527” organization dedicated to electing as many Republicans to governorships as possible — a mission fueled by contributions from some of the largest corporations in the country. In Indiana, candidates can accept unlimited donations from individuals and political action committees but only $5,000 from corporations and unions. Corporations and unions can also give to PACs, but only in small sums.

Whether the check to Pence was drawn on a bank account that contained corporate money is not a matter of public record….”

According to Open Secrets, Mike Pence was RGA’s third largest recipient of funds in 2012. But who is this mystery 10th recipient, Illuminati Research? Nothing telling pops up when you google “Illuminati Research,” or “Illuminati Research RGA”. Maybe you can figure out who Illuminati Research is and why they work with the Republican Governors Association.


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