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Call me crazy, but I think everyone in Washington DC has gone insane.

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 9/8/2013

Do not criticize AIPAC!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to teach the various political ideologies to my new group of students. Liberals have been acting like conservatives, and conservatives have been acting like liberals. There are just too many lies and it’s all so confusing to the neophyte political observer. Even Matt Drudge acknowledges “It’s now Authoritarian vs. Libertarian. Since Democrats vs. Republicans has been obliterated, no real difference between parties…”

Matt Drudge is right on the money; there are no real differences between major political parties anymore. Recently, I commented on the lack of constitutional support on first amendment issues from powerful Democratic leaders. I would expect a neoconservative like Lindsey Graham to protest first amendment protections but not a liberal.

Many of us remember when Barrack Obama first campaigned under the guise that we would promote peace in the Middle East. Although I did not vote for him in 2008 (or 2012), I certainly HOPEd for a peaceful foreign policy change under a new administration. Unfortunately, we have seen as much war, corruption and secrecy under this Nobel Peace Prize winner than we did under Bush and the  rest of the presidential puppets of recent history.

It seems that lying is the only cause Republicans and Democrats can find authentic bipartisan support.

Despite the fact that Republicans and Democrats have failed on every front to unite and do something helpful for the American people, the only thing they can seem to agree on is murdering innocent people in Syria despite global backlash against going to war. The powers that be are so desperately out of control; they try to scare Americans into war by parading the once-venerable General Petraeus to tote the elite line hoping it will work on the war-weary public.

It’s not working and we are witnessing political turmoil. With the increasing libertarian trend within the republican party, it is no surprise to see major differences arising amongst the conservatives. We can always count on Bill O’Reilly to promote Israel’s interests above and beyond America’s, especially if war is involved. Recently, Bill argued with Laura Ingraham about going to war with Syria. Bill is, of course, all too enthusiastic to send our young people to die because America might lose face internationally. What a sad world we live in when our conservative leaders would rather see America save face then save lives.

As if things couldn’t get crazier, we have now learned that our ally, the UK, supplied chemical weapons to the Syrians. However, the people of the UK are as sick of war as we are leading the parliament to reject the call to send troops to Syria. While it’s nice that the UK government is listening (somewhat) to its people an refusing war (although they really fueled the fire with the chemical weapons sale) I wonder how our government will interpret the people’s call for peace.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham have clearly not received the public’s message. Both these neocons are desperate for war so much so that Lindsey tried scaring his people into war warning of nuclear consequences for the US if we do not take action. Both these Senators rejected the allocation of funds for Hurricane Sandy victims because of the high cost but have no problem shelling out billions for war in Syria.  And instead of thoughtfully deciding on something as important as war with his fellow congressmen, John McCain instead plays online poker during the Congressional hearings. He is all to willing to spend money we don’t have and spill blood we can’t afford to lose. How dare he call himself a conservative.

Some Democrats, too, should be ashamed to call themselves democrats. Dianne Feinstein has been very supportive of the President’s ambition into Syria saying ” It is conclusive on the fact that these weapons were used. Now I think the rest of it is a judgment call. Once the administration made this call, I think that there is a real need for us to back this up.”

Sometimes I can’t believe what I am hearing.  I never trust a word that comes out of any politicians’ mouths; Republican and Democrat are equally unscrupulous. Their erratic actions and psychopathic approach to governing is getting to an unsustainable point. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that both parties have the same agenda. Who is the anti-war party anymore?

A note to my wonderful seniors trying to understand all this: Hypocrisy is everywhere. Yes, we are going to learn that democrats adore free speech and protest war and that conservatives love to protect innocent life and hate wasteful spending. Part of understanding the politics part of AP US Government and Politics is learning the intricacies of decision making. Pay attention to media spin and political alliances. I truly look forward to your blossoming into intelligent, politically literate citizens.

Students, let’s take on the world. Someday you might find yourself at a town hall meeting calling out a hypocritical senator, like these people below.




9 thoughts on “Call me crazy, but I think everyone in Washington DC has gone insane.”

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  1. Yeyoung Park says:

    Somnambulist. From the knowledge of Latin roots I acquired in AP English III last year, I’ve determined that Somn(sleep) ambulist(walk-er) means sleepwalker. I agree with you that people who watch Bill O’Reilly and FOX News in general are fed mainstream Republican rubbish and might as well be sleepwalking through political decisions. Also, O’Reilly is a dogmatic and inconsiderate jerk who hardly lets his guests speak while thinking that he is actually smart and informed. I love how your cartoon displays these exact criticisms. But I’m pretty sure Bill O’Reilly is not that tan.

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Hahahaha people are hatin on my Bill flesh-tone all day!! I need to get a better spectrum of flesh-toned markers.

  2. Yeyoung Park says:

    From the knowledge of Latin roots I acquired in AP English III last year, I’ve determined that Somn(sleep) ambulist(walk-er) means sleepwalker. I agree with you that people who watch Bill O’Reilly and FOX News in general are fed mainstream Republican rubbish and might as well be sleepwalking through political decisions. Also, O’Reilly is a dogmatic and inconsiderate jerk who hardly lets his guests speak while thinking that he is actually smart and informed. I love how your cartoon displays these exact criticisms. But I’m pretty sure Bill O’Reilly is not that tan.

  3. Lok Y. says:

    These are just my opinions, but even from the start, aren’t all politics based on lies and half truths? None of our presidents so far have truly done what they promised in their campaign speech, and some even go back on what they said they would do once they’re enthroned in the oval office–until the end of the 4 years, then they’re back to telling honeyed lies through their teeth to win votes.
    Additionally, I count myself as being a cynic, so I already (long ago) believed in more so the bad in humanity than the good. Hypocrisy is unpleasant, but I believe all people practice it–even those that try not to.
    Further in your article, though the UK people are “sick of war,” it doesn’t mean that the industry doesn’t want to reap coins from whoever can provide. Just like how our economy is based on giving people what they WANT not what they NEED. Syria doesn’t need weaponry, it needs reform and resources to assist the people! Also, I remember reading somewhere how the world actually COULD be rid of hunger already, if the elite that hold most of the world’s wealth would give up that wealth. It could probably feed several times over the number of starving people, if they would just think more about people’s LIVES than their coffers growing more and more. Seriously, you can’t bring money to the grave, someone else is going to get your monmons anyways… Anyway, from that tangent, my point is the industry in the UK wanted money. The same is applied to the US, the debt is large, and sad as it is, money makes the world go round, and wars stimulate the economy by ending people’s lives.

    Or you know, maybe the US wants to go to war to distract us from domestic issues within our own country? (dun dun DUN!!!)

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      I agree that they are all liars. It seems like so many know this yet they grovel at the feel of their politician overlords every four years. When will the people learn?!?!?!

      And I do think people will find our society to be evil and crazy. I mean,we throw corn in our gasoline tanks while people around the world starve. I just don’t understand.

  4. Skyler Thomas says:

    I’m really looking forward to this experience! I’m going into this class with an ignorantly minimal knowledge of our government and how it’s run. However, growing up, I have made it a point to not just take someone’s opinion and reguritate it as my own. And you don’t seem to believe in doing that either. I really like how you bring so many different times of bias to the table for scrutiny as it encourages me to look further into things. This is going to be a fantastic year!

    I wanted to comment about the hypocrises in government, but I’m going to have to do some more research and find more specific examples first! But, bringing that up it does makes sense considering Democrats are traditionally, in the modern sense of the word, anti-war. And it hypocritical for Obama to want to support a war in Syria. But can he actually prevent a war? I thought the Senate was who declared war. And apparently the NDAA was pass with a 98-0 vote meaning that the they were all in favor of war– regardless of political affiliation. If so, does that not make Obama but a scapegoat for the public to blame?

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Yes, this can be so confusing but I am so glad you are willing to learn. You are going to have a blast this year and you won’t believe what really goes on in government.

  5. Hannah Lantier says:

    Woah. Agreed and this piece made me come up with a theory. So, crazy idea. What if, instead of the media and government being controlled by the “Illuminati” for distraction so the Illuminati could pull their stunts with out people noticing until they could prove it was someone, having no connections to them, that someone even higher then THEM was controlling them, making them doing all these “stunts” because the obviously have higher power and authority? I’ve always thought of the Asian world to be controlling the whole word, or even some kind of alien formed group, not at all comparing Asians and Aliens, watching our every moves, and we are just a television show and the government are the directors while the aliens are the bosses and producers. Some may say it is not possible, but some say the Illuminati is not possible and there are CLEARLY many signs of it. Are there signs of aliens, for instance even the idea of crop dusting, like one does not come up with something like that. Imagination is not ideas out of no where, but a formation of things one has seen, herd,felt, smelt, all put together to create something. Or even like the whole foil idea of keeping away the aliens. These ideas to not just come along, they are supported with details. Ha-ha, I kind of totally got off topic. BUT, to rap it all up, I think Media and the way we closely analyze the people above us, has made not only us go crazy, but them, making the whole U.S “crazy”

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it were aliens. The China issue is always interesting. I doubt we would get in a WW3 scenario with them. It seems easier for them to simply stop loaning us money for war.

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