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Student Showcase: America, The Land of the Free Market?

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 1/30/2014



Happy New Year dear readers; what an interesting few months I have had with my students. My students participated in CSPAN’s student documentary competition. I wanted to increase my students’ chances of winning the competition so I scheduled a few interviews with some very important political figures in the area. Congressman Pete Sessions, Chair of the Rules Committee, and his primary challenger, Katrina Pierson, came to Berkner High School for student interviews.

These interviews were definitely eye-opening for my students and me. We spent weeks crafting well developed questions and retorts for our interviews. While both candidates were asked tough questions, Mr. Sessions was certainly challenged by the students’ scrutiny of both his voting record and his position on certain issues that no longer reflect the majority like marijuana legalization and non-interventionism in foreign policy.

One of my student groups chose to focus on the problem of free-markets and created a beautiful piece discussing the need for a return to free market capitalism. This documentary is well constructed and features interviews with Katrina Pierson, Pete Sessions, Jerome Stocks, and others. Please spread the word and encourage people in the 32nd Congressional District to check out these videos and inform themselves on the issues and candidates.

As an economics teacher running a small fashion line on the side, I certainly share my students’ appreciation for the free market. Without the ability to experiment, create, and sell on the free market, I would have never invested so much time and effort into producing my fashion line. While free market capitalism frequently gets bashed by the mainstream media, it is obvious to many that excessive government intervention in the economy, like Obamacare and the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money creation, negatively impacts consumers by increasing prices and reducing economic freedom.

Unfortunately, the United States no longer ranks in the top ten economically free countries. Perhaps with greater public awareness we will once again promote the ideals our founder’s fought for. Please enjoy the video and share with friends and family. More CSPAN videos are coming soon!

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