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Rehashed Fashion photos!

  • Model: Chelsi
  • dress27
  • gatordress001
  • dress19
  • Dress002
  • Dress002back1
  • dress005a
  • dress015
  • dress016a
  • dresssold006
  • dresssold015
  • gatordress005
  • dress26
  • dress25
  • dress24
  • dress23
  • dress22
  • dress15
  • dress12
  • dress21
  • dress20
  • dress18
  • dress16
  • dress14
  • dress13
  • dress11
  • dress10
  • smokeshop001b
  • dress09
  • dress08
  • dress07
  • dress05
  • dress06
  • dress04
  • gatordress002d
  • dress02
  • smokeshop005
  • dress01
  • dress17
  • dress03
  • dresssold005b
  • fashionshow10
  • fashionshow11
  • fashionshow12
  • fashionshow07
  • fashionshow05
  • Fashionshow01
  • smokeshop002
  • digdug dress

4 thoughts on “Rehashed Fashion photos!”

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  1. Brandon Knuckles says:

    Ms. Y your dresses are awesome but you should consider making shirts for us dudes!!!!

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Yes, I really want to do more t shirt designs. I appreciate the encouragement- I am much more motivated to create designs if I know there is serious interest :)

  2. Carnell says:

    Yea miss you should make some tees for the guys. Make us Diamond shirts. All you gotta do is buy a flimsy Chinese Tee shirt for like 3 cent,slap a diamond logo on it and sell it to idiots for 50 bucks. Might I add that your main customers will probably be of Hispanic decent…they love anything that they see everyone else wearing.

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Wow Carnell, I appreciate the feedback. Although, I’m not so sure our hispanic friends would approve your message…

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