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“Liberty, according to my metaphysics is a self-determining power in an intellectual agent. It implies thought and choice and power”- John Adams

We know that without the freedom to experiment, to fail, and to make novel choices, our world would be void of innovative ideas. Creative thinkers are problem solvers and our world could certainly use some creative thinkers right now. As a United States History teacher, I want to see my students become those creative problem solvers.

Rehashed Fashion began as a creative recycled clothing project I started during my college years at the University of Florida. I create dresses using old t shirts, bathing suits, and hemp cord and refurbish sad blazers into funky jackets. My dresses and and other recycled creations are available for sale in my Rehashed Fashion etsy shop.

Rehashed Fashion is more than just pictures of dresses and random cartoons. This website is devoted to creative expression and learning. My etsy store and blog provide me with a unique teaching tool that helps me foster debates and discuss economics, current events, and politics with my students. Your thoughts and comments are welcome and I appreciate learning from your feedback.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about the projects or lesson plans I do with my students, please check out my professional teaching portfolio where you will have access to some great civics projects!



-Brittany Yurkovitch

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  1. Ken says:

    Bobby, you’re psychic too! I was tknihnig about something similar a while ago when I was doing some research for a paper I have to do on the Romantic poets. If you ever studied the history of any country’s literature, you would’ve noticed how every age can be broadly categorized as either individual-based or society-based. And whats more scary than interesting is that when I look at contemporary lit, I see individualism slowly decaying. Guess whats behind the door marked the next age? :\But much of what you have to say is based on your experiences of life in America. While most of the world, including my own country, is trying to play clones with America, this will probably have changed in say half a century. USA reeks of power so all us docile lambs bleat to its tunes but not all of them sheep are content with playing domestic for long, right? Either way, the fact remains that life in a non-North American country is wildly different from that in a N. American one So what I’m getting at is that while the concept of one world government, blog-deluges etc. is waaayyy more frightening than your horror fic ( ) it’s still something a long way off, enough to make it hard to visualize (but not enough to send shivers down my spine).On another note, blogs for all would translate to a sort of skewed equality, and who knows, maybe some sort of one-world promoting, neo-communism powered government will use that to headline its campaign some decades from now..? Weird, huh?! Hope that by that time, super blogauthor Bobby Revell will fly down to India for a book signing tour. At least something to look forward to in my old-age

  2. Carol Gay Fagerhaugh says:

    Brittany~ I received my rehased fashion ~ dress in the mail~ the hemp cord was not to itchy after all~ Thanks I love the dress~ and I love your Rehashed Fashions ~ you are very creative & inspiring~
    thanks again ~
    Carol Gay XO~

    1. saigonchick92 says:

      Thanks! I am so glad you liked the dress and visited my blog. I am also sorry I did not have any additional cord material to provide you- the hemp from the bikini and the shirt is knotted in such a way that I would have had to redo the dress to replace the drawstring. Thanks for the feedback.

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