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Madam Feinstein, I’m slightly concerned for your mental health.

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 8/18/2013

Questions are good.

Dear Dianne Feinstein,

Recently, a former AP Economics teacher wrote a letter to the massive state surveillance system and since I know you introduced the last internet censorship bill, PIPA, voted to extend the Patriot Act, and introduced legislation to ban semi-automatic rifles or “assault weapons” as you masters of propaganda like to say, I figured I would address this letter directly to you. Hopefully, one of your cronies at the NSA can funnel this letter to you in case it ends up in your spam box.

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Why did the Republican Governors Association give $58,000 to “Illuminati Research”?

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 8/8/2013

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I am trying to get back into the swing of the upcoming school year. Increasingly, my time is shifting from house remodeling projects to preparing to teach AP Government and Politics and AP Macroeocnomics. So I find myself  looking at old material, revamping projects, looking at calendars- typical teacher stuff.  I needed to fix my Interest Groups unit, specifically, an iron triangle activity that utilizes the website I like to get students to search for the financial links between congressional committees and interest groups so they can see how these institutions work together to serve their own interests instead of that of the people.

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UPDATE: Sheeple on Vaccines: A Facebook Moment

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 8/2/2013

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Ugh, I just noticed that we have breached into August which means school will be starting soon. Now is about the time that I need to devote some serious mental energy into thinking about the school year and what I need to add or change to ensure a smooth start.  However, instead of tweaking my syllabus or looking over lists of vocabulary, I decided to waste my time on the the CIA’s domestic spying tool, Facebook. Although I used to obsess over my facebook likes and comments,  I try to avoid it unless I need some serious procrastination time. Fortunately, facebook opened up an opportunity to engage an acquaintance and her friends on the other side of the vaccine argument.

Recently, a facebook friend posted the following status which popped up  in my news feed: “Fellow mothers, anyone in the medical field or anybody who cares: how do you feel about the amount of vaccines your baby or child receives? With all of the controversy linked to autism and other disorders said to be caused by vaccinations, I can’t help but second guess having our son get all of his necessary shots in a few weeks. Does the good really outweigh the bad? Thoughts and comments are much appreciated!”

A few ladies commented with things like: “There is no medical evidence there is any link to autism. It is actually more imperative than ever to get your children vaccinated because so many children are not getting vaccinated there have been outbreaks of these diseases we have the vaccines for….” or “5 shots is a lot and there will be other times later on down the road that he gets quite a few but its not every time and its hard watching your tiny one be in pain and babies require extra care and attention after their shots to watch for reactions but all in all I believe that the immunizations are worth the risk and offer so much protection against serious and life threatening illnesses.”

Most of these pro-vaccine comments had a few likes and I couldn’t let the other side of the argument go unheard.  Here is my reply back:

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A Match Made in Halliburton

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 7/26/2013

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What a crazy summer this has been in the news and in my own personal life. My husband and I bought an awesome county house and has it been a lot of work! With moving and remodeling, I have had so little time to write but I got to get back into the habit. This summer has been a news explosion; we have seen scandal after scandal and one media propaganda disaster after another. I was considering writing about the Trayvon mess, but I think we have all heard enough on this case. It’s just a big distraction from the build-up to WW3 anyways, so it is probably better that I not waste my own time focusing on such a divisive issue. However, I read this interesting gem about Halliburton and BP and while this story is news, it is certainly no surprise.

So apparently, Halliburton must pay a $200,000 fine and pay $55 million to support fish and wildlife in the area due to their complicity in the BP oil disaster (which I believe may be a false flag due to the suspicious timing and other insider trading details). Supposedly, BP did not listen to Halliburton’s advice about cementing some of the pipes at the bottom of the Gulf.

Seems like Halliburton and the rest of the Corporatocracy are getting pretty clever with this Hegelian Dialectic.

But really, should we be surprised from a company like Halliburton?  Many of us are aware that Dick Cheney’s Halliburton profited greatly from the War of US Aggression in Iraq. Although Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, the US certainly caused enough mass destruction to award Halliburton with the no-bid contract to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure.  So should it come as any surprise that this company might be complicit in a destructive activity that will surely require Halliburton’s resources or influence at some point to repair?

The timing of this story is very interesting given details that Halliburton was trying to erase the evidence tying it to the BP oil spill. Where’s the NSA spy machine when you need it? Seriously, I wish the government would use its massive spying apparatus to observe the activities of these horrible corporate actors, but then that means we would not be living in a fascist country.

Anyways, back to the epic remodeling that is my summer vacation.



The Fed blows….bubbles

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 5/18/2013

Contents of AP gift bag

Yes, I gave my students bubbles and wrote the following on the container: “The Fed blows bubbles”,”C + I+G+Xn = GDP” and underlined the “Made in China” letting kids know this purchase added to the trade deficit)

For high achieving high school students across the nation, this has been an important two weeks of Advanced Placement (AP) testing. This past week, my seniors took the AP US Government and Politics and AP Macroeconomics (AKA Keynesian apologist) exams and I hope they score high enough to knock off some of their college tuition expenses. Given the high stakes nature of the test, I wanted to provide students with a bit of comfort and advice as they advance forward. The picture above shows the random goodies I gave to the kids (also a Chik-fil-A breakfast on Tuesday as well!). Enclosed in the gift bag was the following letter of advice I hope my students will employ as they leave the public high school prison.

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Don’t Worry, Be Hempy

By Brittany Yurkovitch on April 7, 2013

It’s official. Over 50% of Americans are ready for marijuana prohibition to end. This is fabulous news and freedom lovers alike should celebrate.

Alcohol prohibition ended when it became to expensive and unpopular to enforce during the Great Depression. Our drug laws will probably experience the same fate as the veneer of our Great Recovery collapses like our currency.

As public opinion changes in favor of decriminalization, marijuana and its useful hemp stalk have the potential to vastly improve the economic landscape of our country. The legalization movement is specifically related to unemployment, healthcare, gang/government violence, border control, and restoring Constitutional protections.

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Awakening to the true value of silver

By Brittany Yurkovitch on February 3, 2013

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Happy Bread and Circus weekend, I mean Superbowl weekend.

These are exciting times to teach government and economics. This semester, I am teaching a combination of economics, AP Macroeconomics, and US History- so I am busy, to say the least. The US History course was added to my plate this semester and so I am struggling to find the time to post. Economics is a wild course. So many kids devote little energy to studying economics until they enter my class. It is truly amazing to watch kids become enlightened to the inner workings of the Federal Reserve and understand the history of paper money.  Henry Ford was certainly accurate in pointing out how the common reacts to the nature of our banking system:

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Good deals on Etsy

By Brittany Yurkovitch on Jan 6, 2013.

“This next goodie was no splurge at a wildly inexpensive $10.  Sorry, I got the only one of these:”-Katy Kincade at Green Magpie

It has been a while since my last post. I have been incredibly busy during the holidays entertaining guests and getting ready for the new semester. Applying for a teaching award and getting ready to teach three new classes puts a strain on my creative writing motivation. I find that my creativity dwindles during the hectic school year and peaks during the peaceful summer time.  As for now, my mind is mostly concerned with getting ready to teach Economics, AP MacroEconomics, and US History in the spring. However, I do have some fabulous things to write about- I just struggle to find the time to write! Blargh!

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New photo gallery

I just added a new gallery with my artwork and political cartoons. Please enjoy!

Oh the uncertainty!!!

By Brittany Yurkovitch on 11/16/2012

Although the Presidential showdown is over, many Americans seem very unwilling to accept the results of our sham election. With states nullifying marijuana laws, raw milk bans, and Obamacare laws, is it any surprise that we we are seeing thousands signing petitions to secede from the union? As a government teacher, teaching the concept of federalism is always a struggle. Kids just don’t seem to fully grasp the concept of layered government powers. However, with the union literally ripping apart at the seams, teaching federalism has been a breeze this year.

Our current state of affairs is strange, indeed. Most of us can remember the overwhelming sense of unity we Americans experienced after the 9/11 attacks. We sacrificed our civil liberties and felt united against a common enemy. Who could have imagined that just over a decade later, we would be witnessing the rumblings of civil war?

We are living in uncertain times. Our nation is facing the fiscal cliff, taxmageddon, election fraud, implementation of Obamacare, unlimited quantitative easing, more wars, further job layoffs, and the continual erosion of our civil liberties. How can a person or business plan for such stress on their pocketbooks?

Uncertainly is certainly the word of the week.